Q. What is the cost of fabricating a denture?
The cost of your denture may vary depending on the type of denture and the quality of the teeth and material being used to fabricate them. Fortunately there is a Provincial Fee Guide, prepared to assist the denturists and the patient in order to determine the proper type of procedure needed and the related fees involved. The final cost of each denture will be discussed during your Free Initial Consultation with your denturist. We use some of the finest materials available in the market today and have a variety of teeth to choose from, for every budget.

Q. When does my denture need replacing?
Dentures are unlikely to last a lifetime. Although dentures are made with the sturdiest material available today, they are still susceptible to breaking and over time will diminish in function and appearance due to the effects of everyday use, such as chewing, brushing, and age. Your face, jaw and tissues change over the years and your denture cannot adapt to these physical changes. On average a partial or complete denture may be expected to last about 5 years. Sometimes a good set of denture may last up to around ten years if it has been well taken care of. The other important factor in replacing a denture is if your denture does not have the correct bite. However, your denturist is the most qualified person to tell you when dentures need replacing. To ensure a proper fit of your dentures, it is important that you visit your denturist for an annual check-up.

Q. Why are my dentures loose?
If your dentures are over 5 years old and if they have not been relined, you will probably have some problems with the fit of your dentures.

Your gum tissue and jaw bone shrink with time. This causes the denture to become loose resulting in a poor fit. A visit to your denturist for an oral health examination will determine the cause of your ill-fitting dentures.

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